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Volume 6, Issue 2

March 2022, Volume 6, Issue No.2

Soon most of us will be entering the corporate world either as interns, managers, consultants, etc. We will be working with cross-functional teams, collaborating alongside decision-makers, and working towards solving one or the other problems towards boosting processes and cost efficiencies or driving strategies and changes or towards monitoring and improving the financial performance of the companies.

While taking any decision or getting ready to make a crucial strategic choice, we will be much more influential if we can walk into a meeting where other people have opinions but we have statistics to back up our arguments and recommendations and that’s why the theme of this journal – “ Analytics and its future scope”, has special importance.

In very simple words, the goal of analytics is to extract relevant insights from data and visualize them to aid decision-making. With ever-changing technology dynamics and greater business issues, force today’s firms to seek out methods that provide higher business returns while lowering operating costs.  India, according to analysts, is the industry leader in the massive data analytics market, with numerous applications in enhancing consumer experience through predictive analysis or drawing insights to scale up operations, building up cutting-edge cyber protection mechanisms, and many more.

This issue has special importance also because according to LinkedIn, one of the most in-demand talents through all the industries is business analytics. With this journal we wish to present the research done by our fellow students across the country and bring out the best for you to read and think upon.  I’d want to express my gratitude on behalf of the TJEF editorial board for the writers’ honest efforts in writing for us. I hope these research papers are thought-provoking and spark interest in analytics to all of our readers.

Have a wonderful reading experience!

Managing Editor – Shobhit Jain

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