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War as an Unintended Catalyst for Business Evolution: Unveiling Profound Lessons in Resilience, Adaptation, and Innovation

Editor – Chourasia Anshul In the solemn aftermath of war’s turmoil, a lesser-told story emerges—one of remarkable resilience, adaptation, and extraordinary innovation amidst...

Thoughtful TuesdaysTJEF

Dating Apps: A Numbers Perspective

Editor – Mugilganesh RM In this week’s Thoughtful Tuesday article, we are talking about the place where mostromantic relationships tend to start: dating,...

Thoughtful TuesdaysTJEF

Unwrapping the Journey: How Cadbury Redefined the Art of Chocolate Indulgence

As the festive season draws near, the chocolate industry is buzzing with heightened demand. Recent trends indicate an increasing preference for chocolates during...