TJEF Journals

Volume 8, Issue 1

August 2023, Volume 8, Issue No.1

Predictability encompasses a myriad of factors intricately woven, and conditionally based to form a model of sort that is not only utilized but also adeptly adapted to align with the prevailing norms. Oftentimes, we can prepare ourselves in situations or rather better the plan of action. One perspective is the forefront of matters on global affairs, spanning realms like foreign policy formulation and the establishment of open trade regulations. Each motion passed can create a crackle of friction beyond measure if not threaded carefully. The volatile and ever-changing banking landscape is a ticking time bomb. The intricate web of dependencies between major stakeholders is escalating, creating a precarious equilibrium that could one day shatter under its own weight. This theme invites us to explore a wide range of nuances, from employment dynamics and the sustainable functioning of businesses to the strength of financial security. In addition, the theme acknowledges the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a key factor in this complex equation. We are moving forward into the near future with unshakable resolve. In recent times, India has taken it upon itself to change reforms of the past, be it new bills being passed for better data protection or new taxes being levied for a new segment of earners. Each strand of development can be the pedestal to new heights or a broken board into the plundering deep

Managing Editor – Aaron Cardozo

Here is the PDF version of Volume 8 Issue 1:

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