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Welcome to the esteemed world of the TAPMI Finance Forum, a legacy spanning over four decades and proudly serving as the premier finance committee at TAPMI. As a dynamic college committee, we are dedicated to being a guiding light of financial excellence and innovation, continuously evolving through our unwavering commitment.

Our journey within the college community has been marked by a steadfast dedication to nurturing financial acumen and building a community of enthusiastic finance learners. Over the years, we have become a pillar of financial education, shaping the minds of future financial leaders within the college milieu.

At the core of our college committee’s legacy lies the TAPMI Bloomberg Olympiad, our flagship event that epitomizes our dedication to finance education. This Olympiad is more than just an event; it is a testimony to our enduring commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry. It provides an exceptional platform for budding financial enthusiasts within the college to showcase their prowess using the Bloomberg Terminals, fostering a unique blend of learning and recognition.

Alongside the TAPMI Bloomberg Olympiad, our college committee hosts several other exciting events:

1. Beat the Street (Virtual Stock Market Trading Competition):  Immerse yourself in a simulated stock market environment, testing your strategic acuity and financial decision-making skills among fellow college peers.

2. Finance Night Series (Informal Open Debate Platform on Current Financial Topics): Engage in insightful discussions on pressing financial matters within the college community, creating an open forum to exchange ideas and perspectives.

3. Manthan (Annual Business Conclave): Elevate your understanding of the business world by participating in this annual conclave that brings together industry stalwarts and thought leaders for profound discussions on the latest trends and insights.

Stay connected with our college committee on social media to stay informed about our latest initiatives, events, and insights:

Join the TAPMI Finance Forum, the dynamic college committee where exploration, learning, and navigating the intricacies of finance converge on a grand scale. Your transformative journey toward financial enlightenment within the college community begins here.