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Manthan, the annual business conclave orchestrated by the Finance Forum at TAPMI, has undergone significant transformations. The event features an engaging discussion featuring a panel of influential guests hailing from esteemed companies like ICRA, ING Investment Management, Citi Research, and DSP Black Rock, among other notable organizations.

As part of its evolution, Manthan now incorporates the Student Managed Investment Course (SMIC), where students, selected through a rigorous process, professionally manage a fund. The primary goal of SMIC is to offer hands-on learning opportunities by empowering students to make investment decisions in BSE/NSE Listed Companies. 

Additionally, the SMIC Finale serves as a platform to unite industry experts and our students. During this event, teams present a summary of their learning experiences, and a distinguished panel of senior capital market professionals assesses their presentations. 

The industry experts engage the fund managers with insightful questions about their investment philosophy, stock selection criteria, portfolio performance, and provide valuable feedback for improvement.

Furthermore, Manthan includes the induction ceremony for Samnidhy’s Board and the annual launch of TJEF’s journal.

Samnidhy is a student-managed investment fund that holds legal registration with ROC India. It plays a crucial role in nurturing financial literacy by providing practical knowledge to students across the campus. The induction ceremony warmly welcomes new board members, entrusting them to steer the organization’s mission ahead.

TJEF (TAPMI Journal of Economics and Finance) stands as a peer-reviewed publication that features research and insights from students across the nation concerning diverse economic and financial subjects. It serves as a valuable repository of knowledge, fostering intellectual exchange, and making significant contributions to academic growth.