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Volume 7, Issue 2

March 2023, Volume 7, Issue No.2

The global landscape has been shaped by significant events with far-reaching effects. These include the recent discovery of Lithium and the major SVB Bank crash. The interconnectivity between countries and industries means that any disruption can have a cascading effect on the global stage. Moreover, the dominance of certain countries that have control over critical resources has created unsung monopolies that control the overall global supply. For example, China controls approximately 80% of the global supply of rare earth metals, giving it a significant advantage in the global economy. India, on the other hand, has made strides in the discovery of Lithium, a crucial component in batteries for electric vehicles. However, to maintain a foothold in the global battery supply chain, India needs to secure cobalt as well. India has demonstrated its potential to be a major player amidst global disruptions and its growth trajectory is impressive. With the right moves, India has the potential to emerge as a chess master rather than a mere piece on the global stage.

Managing Editor – Aaron Cardozo

Here is the PDF version of Volume 7 Issue 2:

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