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Sovereign Wealth Fund -A Weapon of Mass Destruction?

About the Author:
Srikar calls himself an egalitarian Indian, whatever that means. He has lived an unusually non – linear career path, he wants to live like a nomadic hunter gatherer, albeit chasing knowledge and truth.
Srikar pursued his engineering in Electrical & Electronics department from BIT. Later he was LAMP (Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament) Fellow. After the fellowship he led Mr Anurag Thakur’s project Sansad Mobile Swasthya Seva as the project lead in his constituency. He was also a core member of Mr Anurag Thakur’s General elections campaign management team.
In the time left, Srikar likes to read and write. He has also written a novel, The Girl on the Poster, available on Amazon Kindle. He is also a member of McKinsey & Company’s online executive panel.

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