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Volume 3, Issue 1


In the recent months, the world has witnessed few major economic trends and turmoil. The Economic Analysis & Policy Division of the UN reported in its June 2018 briefing, a stronger outlook for developed economies. There have been favorable investment conditions in the developed and the emerging economies. But the build-up of trade tensions among major economies and the rising levels of debt in both developing and developed countries have the potential to derail the improvement.

In the midst of such macro-economic events, an entirely new dimension of business is growing steadily and disrupting the financial service sector. These businesses commonly known as start-ups are further simplifying the way we do business. Most of them are leveraging technology to reduce the market-friction in transaction of wealth. But consumer inertia in financial services is high. Consumers have generally been slow to change financial-services providers. So there is an inherent challenge that the sector poses to these startups. The first Issue of the third Volume of the TAPMI Journal of Economics and Finance (TJEF) has aimed to study few of these major disruptors in the economy. This research quarterly would focus mostly on the startup landscape in the financial space.

Recently, with the RBI clearing few major roadblocks, payment banks in India have grown in leaps and bound, providing mobile and web based payments, clearing and settlement services. Recently, the level of venture-capital investment in the financial technology startups have also accelerated. Internet penetration and affordable smart devices have further mobilized the growth of these companies. This edition of the journal, have covered a wide range of companies from discount brokers to merchant payment banks. The editorial board would like to thank all the authors who have contributed to this journal.

We hope that the readers benefit from the insights of the papers published.

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Prasun Banerjee

Managing Editor