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Can you buy Space in Space?

Editor – Swetha Jaya Consider negotiating property boundaries with adjacent black holes or dealing with anti-gravity garden zoning rules. Maybe one day there...

ArthNivesh | Newsletter

Volume 15: Issue 3

Investors typically purchase assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, or business ventures in the hope that their value will appreciate over time. Investment...


The Washington Consensus: Steps to build an economy?

Imagine being in charge of a country which has undergone a rapid change for the worse in terms of an economic standpoint. It...

Budget 2019

Budget Series 2018-19 : #4 Impact on Healthcare Sector

By TJEF Editor Gandhali Inamdar The Union Budget 2018-19 has provided a big opportunity to the entire Healthcare industry and allied services to...

Budget 2019

Budget Series 2018-19 : #1 Impact on Indian Agriculture Industry

By TJEF Editor Vasudeva Kamath Challenges faced by the Industry Large number of marginal farmers in India: There are a large number of...


The Economic Impact on Indo-China relations after the Doklam standoff

–  By Kriti Kanchan Sinha, Editor, TJEF Read the PDF file on Economic Impact of Doklam stand-off