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19th July 2018

19th July 2018 :- MVP<GO>

The acronym MVP takes on many meanings depending on the context:

  • In technology it stands for Minimal Viable Product, typically v1.0 of a new idea
  • In sports it stands for Most Valuable Player on a team
  • And on Bloomberg it stands for Most Viewed Person, the person who’s BIO page is getting the most views on the Bloomberg Terminal in the past Day, Week or Month


Follow the steps below to see the current Bloomberg MVP listings:
  1. Type MVP<GO> into the command line.
  2. Toggle the amber “Range” filter to select between “One Day”, “One Week” and “One Month”. Choose  “One Month”.
  3. The most viewed person on Bloomberg over the past month has been Kevin M Warsh at Duquesne Family Office with >5,000 “hits”. We’ll let you figure out why!
  4. If you need a hint, you can click into any name to see their full BIO page which includes a listing of recent news stories related to that specific person.
MVP <GO> is a wonderful function to check just before you have a coffee chat or interview to ensure you are up to speed on whomever it is that everybody is talking about in the global financial markets.