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Volume 7, Issue 1

A new academic year has dawned upon us. We have gained a lot over the past few months be it in internships, academic projects, new experiences in life or some personal growth which cannot be defined by words. These experiences have helped us grow as managers and more importantly as managers which will help us grow in our careers and will in turn help in growing the organizations, we eventually work in.

In a world like today where there is never much certainty in what will happen within the next hour, it really wouldn’t make sense to have a theme for this particular edition of the journal. Having a topic to write about is always a great thing to have, however what we were looking for in this edition is the best possible submissions without stifling the creativity of the writers while they bring out the best in whatever topic they like as long as it sticks to the general purview of economics and finance.

The creativity of a writer is something which all the editors in our team hold very dear to them and realize how much more they could do if they were not bound by a topic. Giving your own flair to a curated topic while giving nuanced views about it enhances the quality of work that writers are capable of doing. In a country like India where the opportunities are plenty and the potential is limitless, giving such an opportunity to brilliant minds across the country will only help them magnify their ability to make a proper effort in creating research articles that make a difference.

Through this journal, we hope to highlight the great articles from the research conducted by other students across the nation for your consideration. On behalf of the TJEF editorial board, I’d like to thank the writers for their sincere efforts in producing content for this journal. I hope that all of our readers will find these articles to be thought-provoking and inspiring.

We hope you enjoy this issue!

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– Editorial team, TJEF