Welcome to Finance@TAPMI

The purpose of Finance@TAPMI is to create a vibrant and supportive environment where students make a significant difference, network with industry participants, develop healthy relationships with fellow students and industry participants and develop leadership skills. The vision of the finance forum is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of students in the areas of banking and finance.

Jack Treynor once famously said:

“Practical experience is not merely the ultimate test of ideas; it is also the ultimate source. At their beginning, most ideas are dimly perceived. One of the dangers in our system of formal education, however, is that a student can go all the way through to an advanced degree in many field without ever having seen an idea in the rough. An academic with this kind of background may even have more trouble recognizing a new idea when he has one.”

We know that there is a clear disconnect between the theory and practice of finance. At TAPMI, we clearly believe in bridging this gap. Integrating Bloomberg into our curriculum, SMIC, SAMNIDHY and alignment of our programs with the CFA Institute make our courses relevant not only to students but also to other key stakeholders such as the finance industry, research firms, regulators etc. Our point is a simple but a straight forward one. We are keen on developing graduate attributes including advanced technical communication, inquiry and research, critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, numeracy and the use of information technology. These initiatives will clearly enhance the credibility of our courses and empower our students.

In short, it makes our students industry relevant.


Professor Madhu Veeraraghavan
T.A. Pai Chair Professor of Finance