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Commercial Banking

A commercial bank is primarily engaged in accepting deposits from the surplus units (individuals and firms) and lending to deficit units (individuals and firms) apart from providing host of other services like creation of credit, payment and settlement system, remittance of funds, financing of trade and amelioration of risk etc.

This segment of the blog encompasses the current happenings in the commercial banking sector of India which the senior year students of PDGM batch 2018-2019 explore as a part of their curriculum.


Axis Bank’s Credit Rating by Fitch

Bad Banks

Bank mergers – A critical analysis

Block Chain based trade network in Indian banking system

Block chain in the Banking industry

Bond vigilantes won’t let India use a band-aid on banks

Common loan portal for public sector banks

Dena Bank – The lender that doesn’t lend

Farm loan waivers

Financial Reindustrialization – Bring back Development Banks

Giving India’s Urban Cooperative Banks another chance

How AI is impacting the Indian banking system

Mergers and recapitalization of banks in India

NBFC’s Capital Adequacy

Ordinance to amend Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Priority Sector lending certificates

Regional Rural Banks

Swift and CBS

The curious case of PNB

The DSK and Bank of Maharashtra fraud

The IDBI Debacle

Why are affordable home loans worrying RBI

Will RBI’s PCI resurrect banks or incapacitate them


Disclaimer: These reports are prepared by the students pursuing the course of Commercial Banking in PGP-2, in no way they reflect the thoughts of the Editorial Board of TJEF. These reports are solely meant for academic purpose and so should not be used for any other reason. Please reach out to us at tjef@tapmi.edu.in for any query.