Applications of Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

Author: Harish Sankar Introduction In the present time, it would be hard to find a buzzword as trending as Blockchain. What is Blockchain? How does it provide disruptive solutions to transactional problems in finance industry? How can the same fin-tech solutions solve crucial problems in healthcare industry? These are the questions I intend to answer […]


 – By Vrishali Pawaskar – T. A. PAI MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, MANIPAL Introduction The global financial services sector is an epitome of transformation for the other industrial segments to follow suit. Automation and digitalization have caused a paradigm shift in the way in which banks and financial institutions operate. In the words of Barclays’ former CEO […]

Impact of Blockchain Technology on Banking Sector

By Aditya Alamuri & Mounika Duvva  What is Blockchain? A blockchain is a chronological and logical sequence of transactions that are recorded in blocks. A block is a sum of all recent transactions and once completed, the block gets added to blockchain in a permanent database. They behave like bank account statements of an individual. Therefore, […]