Journal 7 Issue 2

The start of a new academic year has arrived and we have gained valuable experiences over the past few months, including internships, academic projects, and personal growth that has contributed to our development as managers. These experiences will be beneficial to our future careers and the organizations we work for.

Given the unpredictability of today’s world, there are a lot of topics to cover up .Therefore, to make things easier for everyone we have selected two themes for the research paper. They are:

India’s Competitive position and implications on global trade

-Future of fintech in India

We are looking for the best submissions without restricting the creativity of the writers, as long as they relate to economics and finance of the themes mentioned.

The editorial team values the creativity of the writers and believes that giving them the freedom to express their own unique perspectives on a curated topic enhances the quality of their work. In India, where opportunities are abundant and potential is limitless, providing such an opportunity to talented individuals across the country can help them amplify their ability to create research articles that make a difference.

This journal aims to showcase exceptional research articles from students throughout the nation. The TJEF editorial board extends gratitude to the writers for their dedication to producing valuable content for this journal. We hope that the readers will find these articles thought-provoking and inspiring.

We hope you enjoy this issue!

Journal_TJEF_2023 V7 I2.pdf

~ Editorial Team, TJEF


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