Expectations from Union Budget 2017-18

Union Budget 2017 is the most looked forward issue for everybody associating with the Indian economy. This year budget will be announced one month earlier compared to the traditional practice of declaring it on the last day of February, because, Government wants to complete the spending and tax proposal before starting of new financial year. […]


By Purvee Khandelwal Over the past few years, providing financial and investment advice has seen a sea of changes. The new Fin-Tech revolution has taken the financial industry by storm. In general, every industry is being affected by technological advancements, especially in automation. Human consultants are being replaced by robo-advisors. They are investment advisory platforms […]

Finacabulary #10- Animal Spirits

Meaning: Describes human emotion that drives consumer confidence. A term used by John Maynard Keynes in his 1936 publication (“The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”), animal spirits emphasizes the importance of confidence and the ‘gut instincts’ of businessmen on their future business prospects. It also refers to the risk involved in taking decisions which […]