Dr. Urijit Patel’s Contribution to Economic Development of India

AUTHOR- ‪Nimisha Khattar Popularly known as the Inflation Warrior, Dr. Urijit R Patel, has been associated with RBI since 2013. He has played a key role in formulating and shaping the monetary policy of India. With his appointment as the new RBI Governor, we can expect the government to continue with the existing macroeconomic policy. […]

Asset Quality Review – Pros and Cons

By – Vishaka Sivanainar The RBI implemented “asset quality review” (AQR) as a component of their annual financial inspection (one-off exercise) in order to gauge the true efficiency and health of Indian banks. AQR was implemented by RBI governor Raghuram Rajan because he believed the Indian banking system required “deep surgery”. AQR diminished the profits of […]

Feasibility Of Export Led Growth In Time Of Global Slow-Down

By- Apoorv Srivastav The engine of the global economy has started to stagnate. One of the biggest arguments that favors this statement is that the export led growth is no more feasible. The export led growth pioneered by Germany and Japan in 50’s and 60’s was further adopted by the Four Asian Tigers: Hong Kong, […]

Impact of Negative Interest Rate

By Payal Sachdeva The concept of “Negative interest rate” was flourished after 2008 financial crisis when all other means to reinvigorate the economy had been exhausted. It is a monetary policy tool employed by central banks to combat deflation. This tool was first adopted by Sweden’s central bank in July 2009 when the overnight deposit […]